Real Estate

Kilcommons Law serves both residential and commercial real estate clients. For the home owner, or prospective home owner, we ensure that you are properly advised at every step in the transaction, including initial contract review, inspections, title review and closing preparation. If you are a first time home buyer, or have been out of the market for an extended period of time, we give added attention and support to ensure that you are making the right decisions.


For our commercial clients, we understand that you require a rapid turnaround of communications and information to ensure a smooth and timely transaction. Our goal is to make the negotiations and closing process as seamless as your business operations, so that you may devote more time to –business.

We have represented hundreds of Hunterdon County families and businesses in real estate transactions over the past twenty years, and we enjoy an excellent working relationship with our local realtors, inspectors, surveyors, title officers, lending officers, and of course, attorneys. These relationships are critical when addressing difficult issues and meeting the contract closing date.


  • Purchase or sale of residential homes;
  • Purchase or sale of commercial properties;
  • Easement drafting;
  • Representing divorced or divorcing couples in the sale of their marital home and other properties (Kevin has extensive experience in family law, so he understands the sensitivity of real estate transactions and the need to communicate with the divorce attorneys during the sale process);
  • Short sales (this transaction involves negotiating and communicating with the mortgage lender to permit a sale with a shortfall in the pay-off, which is then written-off by the lender);
  • Purchase or sale of vacant property; and
  • Mediation of property rights and contract disputes


Real property is a critical investment, and we believe you deserve the best advice, accurate information and prompt service. Therefore, Kilcommons Law looks forward to assisting you in buying or selling your property.